Tell me your story!

Today I’ve been reading. I read Johnny Cash’s autobiography (very good, by the way) titled, “CASH.” It’s cliché, but the way he tells his story is the way that you can imagine your grandpa talking; slowly, honestly, bluntly at times, and punctuated with funny anecdotes and sentences you’ll want to write down and share with others. I love autobiographies; I find them so intriguing. I suppose in  some way it’s why I enjoy blogging because in a very basic way, I’m really writing a little autobiography. Though my life story certainly isn’t comparable to Johnny Cash or Michelle Obama! What are some autobiographies you’d recommend? I have lots of time for reading these days! So far my top (not in any particular order) autobiographies and biographies are:

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Total Recall.
  2. Michelle Obama: A Life. Such a good read even though it is not an autobiography. She’s an incredible woman and probably the woman I look up to the most.
  3. Now Johnny Cash and Cash.

If I’ve read others I can’t remember them, haha! Such a short list, whoops.

I’m really interested in reading about Malcom X and Dr. Martin Luther King, so I’ve been perusing the web for their biographies/autobiographies. Both of them were such influential men, and I’m fascinated with the differences and similarities between them.


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