Okay. So I’m back working in the customer service industry again-briefly, thank goodness. I worked during 3 out of 4 college years in a restaurant. Right now (may have mentioned it earlier) I’m working temporarily as a receptionist. Now don’t get me wrong, there are definitely parts of customer service I enjoy- I might even say I love. Things such as: successfully helping a customer, talking to clients, making money of course… I really do enjoy talking with people and chatting about their days and all that. Unfortunately this isn’t going to be a “romanticized” post, haha! Things people should know about customer service:

  1. I’m here to help you. I genuinely want you to get what you need.
  2. Don’t get angry at me for calls not being returned- hey, I understand it’s frustrating. I’ve been on your end many times. But I am LITERALLY just taking your details and then giving them to the service reps- they are the ones who are not returning the call. I can’t do anything other than forward your messages. So PLEASE don’t yell at me.
  3. Everyone should have to work for a year in the service industry. I think people would be MUCH more understanding and patient if they know what it’s like.
  4. That’s about it… just be patient people, and don’t get mad at me. I can listen to you vent about how frustrating it is that someone hasn’t called you back, but I really can’t do anything more than that. I wish I could-honestly. But I can’t. Sigh.

So yeah, anyway. That’s just been on my mind. Yesterday after transferring a call, the client angrily said (thinking the service rep couldn’t hear him) that I was a “useless fking lassie” and she went, “EXCUSE ME?! She is NOT useless, she’s doing a great job, she’s brand new at this, it’s her second week.” To which he stammered out an apology. He hasn’t called back since. HA. You got served. I have a few horror stories of rude customers I could share from over the years. Anyone else have any to share?


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