Yesterday after work I walked across the road to the train station. It was SUCH a beautiful evening, let me describe it to you. I was sitting on cool brick, basking in the warmth of the evening sun, and enjoying the delicious feeling of the breeze rolling over my arms and legs. It must be so cozy to be a cat; you know, when they’re all curled up beside a window and that spotlight of sunlight encircles them. Two trains passed by, and I thought about the people in them. I think everyone does this, don’t they? We tend to naturally romanticize things. I often think about how at any point in the day, someone is having the best day of their life. (And someone is having the worst day.) Someone just kissed someone for the first time, someone just prayed, someone just got their heart broken, someone died, someone was born… all these someone’s. The third train pulled in and I shielded my eyes from the sun (even though I was wearing sunglasses) and I felt my heart leap when I saw him coming towards me. I don’t know what feeling is better: seeing your someone and moving toward him, or being the someone and having your someone waiting for you. (See what I mean about romanticizing everything?!)

He bought me my favorite flowers. There is nothing quite like a bouquet of sunflowers.


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