I’m in Scotland! I’m sure in one of my other posts I mentioned that my boyfriend lives in Scotland, so…I’m here staying with him and his family until September. My mother was born here, so thanks to her, I am a British Citizen! Which means I can legally live here, work here blah blah blah. Starting Wednesday I’ll be filling in for a receptionist who is going on vacation for a few weeks. She works at one of my boyfriend’s family car businesses’s. It’ll be my first time in reception. I’m slightly nervous because obviously I have no idea what I’m meant to be doing and all that… yikes. However, I have worked customer/client service at the restaurant I used to work at so…I’m comfortable working with people, talking on phones etc. Should be fine. (Ahhhhhhhhhhh dying.) Anyhow… so right now I”m just in the office typing away here on my laptop. I’ve been organizing things all morning – opening a bank account here, working out insurance, taking care of my phone service, etc. Also -some exciting news, I sold a duvet cover with MY design on it (!!!!!!), and two art prints! SO.COOL. The idea that someone bought a DUVET COVER with MY ART on it is SO FREAKING COOL. I wish I could see how it looks in their room, whoever bought it!! If you ever buy any of my art, feel free to send me a photo when it’s all hung up or displayed…I would LOVE to see it!!!! Here’s the one: it’s a Highland Cow! (Or “coo”..)  To see this as a variety of products, go to my Society6 shop. 🙂 20170710_095835.png


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