Why I hate Daily Mail

Okay, so this will most likely be one of my most stupid blog posts ever, but I hate Daily Mail and need to get this off my chest. Reasons it is stupid:

  1. Their grammar is heinous. I bet even an illiterate squirrel would do a better job of editing the articles. It’s that bad. 
  2. The photos their photographers take and post. The one that specifically comes to mind is one a few months back where Pippa Middleton was in public and she was CLEARLY adjusting her skirt as she was crossing her leg and the photographer TOOK SEVERAL PHOTOS AS SHE WAS DOING SO, and then an article was written titled something like, “PIPPA MIDDLETON FLASHES AT BLAH BLAH BLAH.” Like…no???? You took a photo of a woman adjusting her skirt and then published them? Ridiculous. Obviously celebrities and that are going to have to be in the public eye all the time, that’s one of the prices of fame (I know from experience..ha ha), but paparazzi are so invasive, it’s awful. I feel like there should be more laws (if there even are any) about how far pap can go with the whole invasion of privacy thing.
  3. They’re so uncreative when it comes to titling their articles. I can’t even count how many stupid “So-so flashes her pert posterior,” or, “She’s got some cheek!” “How low can you go?” (Some dumbass article with photos of a woman wearing a low top or dress.) “So-so flashes derriere,” “So-so shows off toned abs in crop top,” “So-so is making her ex so-so jealous,” “She’s got some front!” Blah blah blah. Honestly. If you go on Daily Mail, you’ll see at LEAST three of these. Or some variation.
  4. They post such unimportant articles. I’m sorry…I feel like I’m so nit-picky, but does the world REALLY need to know about Bella Thorne’s newest weird thing? Or Scott Disick’s latest date? Or the whole Lamar and Khloe thing? Sigh.
  5. And yes, I know I could just not even go on Daily Mail and a post like this would be avoided. I don’t go on there much, I promise. But when I do, …

So that’s all for now, I suppose. It’s getting late and I’m up early tomorrow. Another day of training/orientation at my NEW AWESOME JOB and then I’m off on a week vacation with my boyfriend and his family and then I’m going back to Scotland with him until September!! It’s going to be amazing. Love that boy. Right, time to go..! Leave a comment if you feel so inclined. 🙂 Ta-ta.

P.S. I’m sure there are a bunch of grammar mistakes. So if you want to comment saying it’s ironic I am irritated about their grammar, don’t. I’m not writing for a newspaper or whatever they are.


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