Does anyone really know how to correctly do laundry? This is one of the thoughts for the day, haha. I was at work today (still in the orientation/training process) and my mentor was talking about laundry and how we wash all the sheets everyday and that (I’m a teacher, and the children nap here so we obviously wash the sheets) and how I’m responsible for the sheets in my room… and all I could think was, “I have no fucking idea how to properly do laundry, help.” A few hours later I’m putting a load into the washer at home and I’m dumping in a capful of the detergent and I’m just thinking, “Is this what you’re supposed to do? Or do you eyeball an amount? Am I putting in too much, is this too little?” Seriously though. The only thing I know for sure I don’t do right is I don’t separate my lights from my darks. (I know, I know. When I’m a real adult I’ll do that.) But I mean… laundry whaaaat. I feel like its a semi-important life skill. I know how to iron at least…


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