Why I hate Daily Mail

Okay, so this will most likely be one of my most stupid blog posts ever, but I hate Daily Mail and need to get this off my chest. Reasons it is stupid:

  1. Their grammar is heinous. I bet even an illiterate squirrel would do a better job of editing the articles. It’s that bad. 
  2. The photos their photographers take and post. The one that specifically comes to mind is one a few months back where Pippa Middleton was in public and she was CLEARLY adjusting her skirt as she was crossing her leg and the photographer TOOK SEVERAL PHOTOS AS SHE WAS DOING SO, and then an article was written titled something like, “PIPPA MIDDLETON FLASHES AT BLAH BLAH BLAH.” Like…no???? You took a photo of a woman adjusting her skirt and then published them? Ridiculous. Obviously celebrities and that are going to have to be in the public eye all the time, that’s one of the prices of fame (I know from experience..ha ha), but paparazzi are so invasive, it’s awful. I feel like there should be more laws (if there even are any) about how far pap can go with the whole invasion of privacy thing.
  3. They’re so uncreative when it comes to titling their articles. I can’t even count how many stupid “So-so flashes her pert posterior,” or, “She’s got some cheek!” “How low can you go?” (Some dumbass article with photos of a woman wearing a low top or dress.) “So-so flashes derriere,” “So-so shows off toned abs in crop top,” “So-so is making her ex so-so jealous,” “She’s got some front!” Blah blah blah. Honestly. If you go on Daily Mail, you’ll see at LEAST three of these. Or some variation.
  4. They post such unimportant articles. I’m sorry…I feel like I’m so nit-picky, but does the world REALLY need to know about Bella Thorne’s newest weird thing? Or Scott Disick’s latest date? Or the whole Lamar and Khloe thing? Sigh.
  5. And yes, I know I could just not even go on Daily Mail and a post like this would be avoided. I don’t go on there much, I promise. But when I do, …

So that’s all for now, I suppose. It’s getting late and I’m up early tomorrow. Another day of training/orientation at my NEW AWESOME JOB and then I’m off on a week vacation with my boyfriend and his family and then I’m going back to Scotland with him until September!! It’s going to be amazing. Love that boy. Right, time to go..! Leave a comment if you feel so inclined. 🙂 Ta-ta.

P.S. I’m sure there are a bunch of grammar mistakes. So if you want to comment saying it’s ironic I am irritated about their grammar, don’t. I’m not writing for a newspaper or whatever they are.



Does anyone really know how to correctly do laundry? This is one of the thoughts for the day, haha. I was at work today (still in the orientation/training process) and my mentor was talking about laundry and how we wash all the sheets everyday and that (I’m a teacher, and the children nap here so we obviously wash the sheets) and how I’m responsible for the sheets in my room… and all I could think was, “I have no fucking idea how to properly do laundry, help.” A few hours later I’m putting a load into the washer at home and I’m dumping in a capful of the detergent and I’m just thinking, “Is this what you’re supposed to do? Or do you eyeball an amount? Am I putting in too much, is this too little?” Seriously though. The only thing I know for sure I don’t do right is I don’t separate my lights from my darks. (I know, I know. When I’m a real adult I’ll do that.) But I mean… laundry whaaaat. I feel like its a semi-important life skill. I know how to iron at least…

I’m not religious I’m spiritual

What does that even mean? I feel like I should know, seeing as I have said it often enough! How do I explain what I mean by that? “I’m not religious I’m spiritual.” What I’m trying to say is, “I believe in God, and Jesus but I don’t think people have to go to church all the time or that gay people can’t get married and abortion should be illegal.” I feel like if I say I’m spiritual, people tend to nod and be like, “Oh, okay. You’re alright then.” I do read my Bible. I actually take a lot of comfort in what I read. Like today: “..separated for the moment in body but together in heart.” Isn’t that poetic? It’s comforting. My soulmate and I live over 3,000 miles away. I’m in Chicagoland and he lives in Scotland. We’ve been friends for four years and dating for three. We’re separated by miles and miles of land and ocean, but in heart we are together. But back to the Bible/God/Jesus/Spiritual thing. I supported Bernie Sanders last year, by the way. (And then when it came down to it, Hillary Clinton) (Just so you know I’m REALLY not a “Bible-thumper-judgey-wudgey person.”) I think what matters is your heart and your spiritual connection with God. All people are different, and if you do believe the Bible, then logically, it would make sense that God would reach all of us in different ways. Some Christians swear and have tattoos. Some Christians go to church three times a week. Some Christians feel most connected with Jesus when they’re swimming fully nude in a river, and some Christians feel close to Him when they’re praising Him with 5000 other Christians at a revival meeting. Don’t limit God! There’s quite literally hundreds of verses talking about not judging each other and not worrying about what other people are doing, or minding your own business, because God will take care of it. Anyway, so this was a weird little post. I hope somebody out there reads this and smiles! (Besides me, ha ha.)

Heart of Glass

20170609_134709Okay, so heart of crystals if you wanna get “technical.” But Heart of Glass by Blondie is an excellent song! This piece is available as a variety of products on my Society6 page, check it out! Also, feel free to message me if you want this as a product I don’t have it available as and I will try to make it available for you!

So I got stung on the foot by a bee…

So Wednesday I got stung on the foot by a bee. I’ve been stung quite a few times by bees or wasps, but this time I was actually wearing shoes. Well, flip-flops. And the bee didn’t sting me on the top of my foot-no, it somehow got between my flip flop and my foot and stung right on the bottom of my foot near my pinkie toe and “the other one.” As soon as it stung me I knew exactly what was happening because I have been stung so many times before. We used to have a pool in our backyard and wasps would sometimes make nests in the siding so…you get kids who are constantly splashing water on an angry wasp nest… 2+2=4. Anyway, so I threw my shoe off and immediately reached down and pulled the stinger out. I rushed to the bathroom, washed my foot and immediately put some anti-swelling ointment on it and took Advil. It wasn’t too bad the first day. But yesterday (Thursday)… my foot was extremely swollen. It doesn’t hurt, and I keep putting this cortizone/aloe ointment on it so it doesn’t itch (bee stings are extremely itchy, but the more you scratch the more it distributes the venom from the sting…=more swollen and painful). I’m trying to be calm and use this time profitably where I now have to be sitting all the time with my foot in the air, but it’s really hard because I am desperate to go workout at the gym (I do weight training), to go walk around, go hang out with my friends… but I just have to sit. Even doing anything like walking to the bathroom is super painful and makes my foot throb. If anyone has any secrets to get swelling down, please let me know! What I’ve tried so far: putting ice on my foot, putting it in an ice bath, an epsom salt bath, arnica gel, cortizone gel, benadryl gel, antihistime (sorry for the spelling) taken orally, elevating it all the time, massaging it (made it worse, don’t do it), …should I just leave it alone? Grrrrrrr.

Cotton Candy Heart

View the full image or purchase it as a variety of products on either my Society6 or Redbubble websites! Take from it what you will… that’s what art is all about. I find it amazing how a work of art can have different meanings to each person…or even how I can find a range of thoughts in a piece depending on what I”m feeling or thinking. Incredible, isn’t it?!

22 Things I have learned

My 22nd birthday is right around the corner, and I started thinking (as I usually do before a birthday) about my life, what I’ve learned, what I am learning, where I am (physically, emotionally, spiritually), where I’m going…all this good stuff. So here is a list of 22 things that I have learned/am learning at 22. (Even though technically I’m not 22 yet…)

  1. Admit if you don’t understand or know something. It’s hard at first, and I have definitely had people laugh at me for not knowing something, but at the end of the day, I learned something new. Also, it’s a lot easier to say you don’t understand something at first, rather than to go along with it and not understand it and then eventually have to admit you have no idea what it’s about…whatever “it is.” Make it a habit to admit when you don’t understand.
  2. People don’t think you’re cool if you pretend to like music you don’t actually like. It’s embarrassing, but when I was 15 I was really interested in this guy (we “dated” for close to three years), and he was this really hipster guy…so I pretended to be really into the kind of music he liked. Stuff like Modest Mouse, or Amos Lee. But I secretly still listened to all the music I liked: The Eagles, Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, ACDC, Led Zepplin, etc. It was so stupid to pretend I liked the music he did, when I really didn’t. And when we broke up, I thought about how stupid it was that I had pretended for years to like that music, when I really didn’t. I love meeting people who share my music taste, but even when I don’t, I don’t pretend to like Taylor Swift’s latest song (strong dislike, sorry), or know what Miley Cyrus is up to (okay, Malibu…I don’t live under a rock). I say that I love classic rock. People will respect you and your music taste a lot more when it’s genuine. I know I do, anyway. (And speaking of music, go listen to “Black as Night” by Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People. It’s not rock, but it’s AMAZING.) Life is too short to lie.
  3. Learn to cook! It isn’t dorky, and it’s actually so fun. My mom made all of us cook one night a week (still does), so I started cooking at about 14. Now I am confident cooking, and I even make my own recipes up sometimes. The dishes aren’t so fun though…
  4. Sleep. Obviously nobody ever has the perfect sleep schedule, but sleeping and waking up rested is sooooo much more worth it than scrolling for hours on Facebook. So put your phone down and let your eyes and body rest.
  5. And speaking of Facebook, clean up your phone! I got this app called Quality Time and it tracks how often you unlock your phone and use it. It even breaks down which apps you use the most (shows the time) and least. I got it to prove to myself how much time I was spending on my phone and how much time I was wasting. I often think about how productive we could be as a human race if we weren’t so engrossed in social media. I ended up deleting the Facebook app off my phone (still use it on my computer) because it was just a huge waste of time. I could use that time reading or something else that is productive!
  6. Trust your gut. There are many times when I have been unsure of decisions I’ve had to make, but so far, I’ve never been wrong going with my gut.
  7. I believe soulmates exist. I think there is one true love for everyone, but I also believe you don’t necessarily end up with your soulmate, or that you can “mess it up.” I’ve always believed in soulmates, and I met mine 4 years ago. When we met, it was like I’d always known him. It’s hard to explain, but I saw a quote by Jandy Nelson that explains it really well: “Meeting your soul mate is like walking into a house you’ve been in before – you will recognize the furniture, the pictures on the wall, the books on the shelves, the contents of drawers: You could find your way around in the dark if you had to.” That’s exactly what it’s like. He was and is still a person that I am getting to know (been dating 3 years), and I’m always learning new things about him, but at the same time, I know everything about him. When we met, we ended up talking for hours. And I remember one of his friends asking us how long we’d know each other. We both busted out laughing, and I said, “About two hours?” The love I feel for him is so deep and inexplicable. Both of us have remarked on how our love really just seems “meant to be.” That’s not to say we don’t have challenges and hurdles in our relationship. We’ve faced some massive ones so far. Such as my parents being against us dating at first (that was so hard), long distance (I live in Chicago and he lives in Scotland)… and many more.
  8. Enjoy and truly engross yourself in each stage of your life. You can never go back, and will never be as young as you are today. Enjoy where you are right now!
  9. Love is always worth it. I truly believe that the only thing in the world that matters is how much we care for and love one another. I know that when I eventually die, I won’t be thinking of all the things I bought, I’ll be thinking of the people I love.
  10. It’s okay to cry. In fact, sometimes it is part of the healing process.
  11. Invest in big, ugly panties. Seriously. I love my tiny thongs just like you do, but when that time of the month hits, do you want to ruin your cute, lacey underpants, or really fugly granny ones? Exactly.
  12. Say yes more! Live and do! Make those memories.
  13. …and following that, learn to say no. I hate conflict and confrontation. So I often say “yes” to things I don’t want to do, just because I hate saying “no.” Or I hate saying no because the other person might be annoyed at me. I’m learning to say “no” more, and I don’t regret that at all.
  14. You can’t help everyone. It’s really hard to see people make irreversible choices that don’t seem good. But some people have to go their own way, and it isn’t your fault. It’s their life, you aren’t responsible.
  15. Find people to look up to and learn from! My list includes my grandparents, soulmate, Rachel Brathen, Audrey Niffenegger, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Bernie Sanders… the list goes on.
  16. Podcasts are actually awesome! I like to just sit outside and listen to podcasts about different topics. Such as love, gratitude, acceptance, creativity, life etc.
  17. Being alone isn’t always lonely. I am a huge social person, but I need alone time to relax and think.
  18. Listen more than you talk. I’m still learning this, and I think I always will! I LOVE to talk. I am the person who will strike up conversations with strangers if they’re open to it. I just find people so interesting. Everyone has a story to tell. But there’s a difference in listening to someone, and listening just so you can respond. Really listen to people. And sometimes, it is better to say nothing at all.
  19. Take responsibility for yourself. It isn’t anyone’s job to make you happy & succeed except yourself. And when you mess up and make mistakes, own up to it.
  20. It’s okay to not always get along with your mom. I love my mom. I’m convinced she is almost inhuman she’s so amazing. She can fix anything- from leaky sinks to broken hearts. But I’m a very different person to her. More of a free, liberal spirit. So we fight sometimes. And that’s okay. You won’t always get along with everyone, even your parents. It’s hard to say this next part, but you don’t have to respect your parents just because they are your parents. You are a person, too. If they don’t respect you, you do not have to respect them. Respect is earned not a given.
  21. Swearing does not make you stupid. “Cussing doesn’t come from a lack of vocabulary – I know all the other words. None of them speak the same language that my fucking heart does.”- Anis Mojgani. I do think there is a time and place for swearing. Because I am a teacher, I never, EVER swear anywhere near my students/their parents/other teachers. But when I stub my toe, you better believe I say fuckity fuck fuck fuck.
  22. USE YOUR BLINKER. I bet you thought I saved some really cool, majestic “lesson” for last. This is SO damn important though: USE YOUR BLINKER. Changing lanes? Use your blinker. Gonna turn in 100 feet? Use your blinker. I don’t care if you’re an amazing driver, if you merge into my lane but don’t put your blinker on it will infuriate me and everyone else. Don’t be a dick, use your blinker.