I am so proud to be a woman. I am so proud that hundreds of thousands of women and men have united all across the globe to stand up for what we believe in! It truly is amazing, and fills my heart and soul with passion and pride! We are SO capable! We can make our voices heard, and speak for those who cannot. Women and men everywhere are standing up and saying, “We will NOT go back to the days when a girl had no say in important decisions regarding HER body. We will not go back to the days before Planned Parenthood, effective birth control, important health screenings.” Here’s to us- people who tirelessly stand up and fight for economic, social, environmental, and racial justice!

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Cotton Candy Heart

“Heart in Your Hands.” Drawn by me. I really wanted to title this: “Love is a lot less scary when it is in cotton candy colors.” Something that I love about creating art and looking at others’ works, is that everyone gains something different from it, depending on what they are needing or looking for in that moment. Do you know what I mean? This drawing might make me feel like the hand clenching the heart has evil intentions and is one heart beat away from squeezing that heart ’till it disintegrates… and then tomorrow I might see it as the hand carefully holding the heart and tenderly making sure nothing hurts it. Art, huh. To see the full image go to my Redubble or Society6 shop! 🙂



First blog post

First blog post! Woo-hoo! As you can see, the drawing I chose to first share with you features a beautiful, black woman. Process: I usually lightly pencil the image I intend to draw. Sometimes I follow a photograph, but this one was just something I pictured in my head. After I do that, I use a regular, black ball-point pen to go over the pencil lines. I then erase the pencil lines, and begin to color the image in with whatever media I am using that day. I used Copic markers for this one; a friend of mine recently introduced me to Copic markers and I am addicted to using them! If only they were cheaper, huh?! So that’s the thrilling process I used for this drawing! Thoughts, questions and comments welcome! My favorite part of this drawing is by far her hair. 🙂

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